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Fall Of Efrafa - Owsla Shirt

Fall Of Efrafa - Owsla Shirt
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Art.Nr.: 000414

Offizielles Bandmerch!! Fall Of Efrafa T-Shirt mit schwarzem Aufdruck. 100% Baumwolle

Das Shirt ist NICHT weiß, sondern naturfarben!

Größe des Druckes:
Breite: 18cm
Höhe: 40cm

Gedruckt auf Gildan Heavy Cotton Shirts

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Fall Of Efrafa - Watcher... Kapu-Reißverschlussjacke

Fall Of Efrafa - Watcher... Kapu-Reißverschlussjacke

Available 05.12.2017!!!! Offizielles Bandmerch! Fall Of Efrafa Reißverschlussjacke mit 1 farbigem Rückenaufdruck! 100% Baumwolle.

Ab 28,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Kokomo - Shirt (Beige Fair Trade Shirt)

Kokomo - Shirt (Beige Fair Trade Shirt)

Available 15.11.2017!!!! Offizielles Bandmerch! Kokomo T-Shirt in Kinder- und Erwachsenengrößen! 100% Baumwolle + FAIR TRADE!!!

Größe des Druckes bei den Shirts für Erwachsene:
Breite: 30cm
Höhe: 18cm

Ab 14,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Cloud Rat - Moksha LP

Cloud Rat - Moksha LP

USA-Import!!! Moksha is a culmination of the band's experience and shows the band fine tuning their sound to a well honed/leathal point. The thirteen songs on Moksha are scathing, vicious, veomous, crushing, and relentless. Cloud Rat's sound balances a volatile mixture of hardcore, punk, grindcore, with traces of black metal thrown in for good measure. Overall, Moksha is an amazing listen and Cloud Rat is an absolute must listen for fans of Torch Runner, Resurrectionists and Republic Of Dreams.

Ab 13,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Ancst - Button

Ancst - Button

1inch Button mit dem Ancst Logo! Definitiv wasserfester Druck!

Ab 1,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Myteri - Ruiner LP (3 Versionen)

Myteri - Ruiner LP (3 Versionen)

Pressing Details: 200 x white with black haze, 300 x grey with black haze, 700 x black, heavy gatefold cover, download code, A2 poster, 180gram vinyl, artwork by written in black design

Myteri from Gothenburg, Sweden are back with their second full length with epic, soaring and heavy as fuck crust punk that will make you wanna raise your fist to the sky, get into your riot gear and start a full blown fucking riot. Myteri’s music evokes apocalyptic landscapes...

Ab 12,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Carnist - Hellish 10inch (2. Versionen)

Carnist - Hellish 10inch (2. Versionen)

Pressing Details: 150x Limited colored Vinyl and 850x black.

CARNIST 'HELLISH' 10 inch. CARNIST hail from London and Austria and featured ex and current members of a ton of bands (Light bearer, Plague Mass, Shels, Anopheli) CARNIST began their tirade against the meat and dairy industry with 2012's "Unlearn." HELLISH feels like a very different, more concise release, a much heavier D beat crust punk has replaced the more melodic hardcore of their previous effort, yet still retains moments of melancholy melody reminiscent of HIS HERO IS GONE. HELLISH features spoken word specifically recorded for this EP by Social Psychologist Melanie Joy, who coined the concept of Carnism, from which the band takes its name, The 10inch comes on clear and black 10" vinyl with printed inner sleeves.

Ab 8,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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