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Heartless - Certain Death EP (3 Versionen)

Heartless - Certain Death EP (3 Versionen)
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pressing informations: 100x green Vinyl, 100x red Vinyl, 300x black Vinyl

After their full-length "hell is other people", HEARTLESS returns with 8 new blasts of steel city hardcore. This is the pure, relentless fury delivered in the same style as INTEGRITY, NAILS and CURSED that they've built a reputation on show after show, tour after tour. Vinyl includes a digital download card.

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Fall Of Efrafa / Down To Agony - Split LP (2. Versionen)

Fall Of Efrafa / Down To Agony - Split LP (2. Versionen)

Pressing Details: 200x Limited colored Vinyl and 800x black. comes with a different artwork.

Originally released in 2007, this is the first repress/reissue of this classic split LP. FALL OF EFRAFA should be well known as they influenced hundreds of bands worldwide with their interpretation of modern Crust / HC ranging and mixing influences from Post Hardcore, and Metal. Their song on this split 'No longer human' is a twelve minute poetic epos and a classic. DOWN TO AGONY were a neocrust band from Zaragoza, playing fast, angry and melodic hardcore in the veins of EKKAIA and MADAME GERMAN.

Ab 12,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Primitive Man - Scorn Backpatch

Primitive Man - Scorn Backpatch

 Offizielles Bandmerch! Primitive Man Backpatch.

 Größe: 30x30cm

Ab 6,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Nightslug - Loathe LP

Nightslug - Loathe LP

Hailing from Germany, the trio create bilious, fuzz n' feedback drenched sludge riddled with nods to the members' hardcore-punk roots. Their previous 2 releases, both on Per Koro Records, were well received and coupled with regular shows around Europe, helped cement their reputation as one of the finest horrible, snarling, hate-filled bands around. "loathe"... 

Ab 12,50 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Anatomi 71 - Fraan Primat Till Reptil LP

Anatomi 71 - Fraan Primat Till Reptil LP

Brachialer D-Beat / Crustcore im 80er Stil wie es sich gehört. Zehn Songs der totalen Rage mit einer Prise Humor aus Schweden. Discharge lääst grüßen!

Ab 11,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Thou - Ceremonies of Humiliation (3x180G LP)

Thou - Ceremonies of Humiliation (3x180G LP)

Baton Rogue’s apocalyptically heavy sludge bastions Thou are releasing a humongous triple LP set entitled ‘Ceremonies Of Humiliation’, compiling all of the band’s material from various split releases over the years. North America through Dead Tank Records and Vitriol Records. Europe through Bloated Veins Records,In addition to their highly anticipated... 

Ab 27,00 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
Ictvs / Ictus - Discography 2xLP

Ictvs / Ictus - Discography 2xLP

Pressing Details: 1000x 2xLP in clear Vinyl with black Splatter

Ictus need no introduction as they have been innovating and bending the rules of metallic hardcore/emo-crust... for so many years, influencing scores of copycats and delivering some of the most forward-thinking and sonically abrasive music ever heard. They came out of the great spanish scene with bands like EKKAIA, MADAMAE GERMEN, DOWN TO AGONY just to name a few...

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