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◯ - Black Sea Of Trees LP (3 Versionen)

◯ - Black Sea Of Trees LP (3 Versionen)
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PRE-ORDER! Out 15th of November 2014!!!

Pressing Details (2nd Press): 100x yellow/amber Vinyl, 100x grey Vinyl and 300x black Vinyl. All LPs in 180gram, printed heavy innersleeve, heavy cover jacket and this time with A2 Poster and Download Code. Different to the first press is that the Cover and Inner Sleeve are printed on the rough side of the Paper

◯ isn´t just the letter. ◯ is the circle symbol and at the same time the name of this six piece band from the border region (Belgium/Netherlands/Germany) around Aachen (Germany). In summer 2010 ex-members from „Allegorie“, Dancing on Debris“, „Jack the Rocker“ and „Kings of the Day“ got together with the aim to create spheric musical landscapes. The music wants to take the audience on a turbulent journey somewhere between ambient and postrock and sometimes you can guess their musical roots found in punk/hardcore.

◯ - Black Sea Of Trees LP (3 Versionen)

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Counterblast - Nothingness 2xLP (4 Versionen)

Counterblast - Nothingness 2xLP (4 Versionen)

pressing informations: 100x blue Vinyl, 100x red Vinyl, 100x white Vinyl, 700x black Vinyl

fInally a new full length by this swedish slow dark crust heroes! Monumental crust from Sweden with a very unique style that blends elements of crust, metal and somewhat ambient, eerie and tribal sounding music together. You can hear some influences from other bands such as Amebix, Dystopia and Neurosis in parts, but Counterblast's is something truly unique that must be experienced to understand how amazing this is.

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Bonjour Tristesse - Par Un Sourire LP

Bonjour Tristesse - Par Un Sourire LP

BONJOUR TRISTESSE stehen für eigenständigen, von der Masse losgelösten Black Metal. Thränenkind-Mastermind Nathanel (u.a. auch Heretoir, ex-Agrypnie und Wind in his Hair) erschafft auf "Par Un Sourire" eine beklemmende, düstere Atmosphäre mit hintergründigen Texten über die heutige bedrückte Zeit und transportiert damit Gefühle von Trauer, Hoffnungslosigkeit, Entfremdung und innerer Leere.

Ab 12,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Baestien - Uroboros LP (2. Versionen)

Baestien - Uroboros LP (2. Versionen)

Pressing Details: 100x red + 400 black Vinyl, download code

Baestien is a Czech post metal & crust band with strong political hardcore punk roots from Sokolov/Cheb. Formed in 2016 from the ashes of Albion, Le Bain de Maid and Herese. what you get is some intense and heavy stuff. I tend to put these guys in the same sorta bracket as the likes of, Fall Of Efrafa, Neurosis or Cult of Luna or bands like that however there is a far more hardcore element highly prevelant in their music and the sheer heaviness of the band will bring them many fans from who like heavy and beautifull aranged music. This is dark and heavy and at times epic! 

Ab 12,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Dead To A Dying World - Live at Roadburn LP+CD

Dead To A Dying World - Live at Roadburn LP+CD

Beware: pre-order! Items will be shipped out sometime of March 2017.

limited to 200 copies in black

Recorded at the prestigious Roadburn Festival 2016 in the Green Room. Mixed by Marcel van de Vondervoort, mastered by James Plotkin.
Artwork by Sera Timms (Ides Of Gemini)

The Texas band Dead to a Dying World's live album is a hybrid of doom, black metal, and crust punk, buttressed by baroque classical flourishes and focused on the state of the world and its rather grim prospects. Its six extended pieces commingle melodrama and momentum, horror and hope, pulling the listener along like a tight-wire suspense flick.

Ab 20,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Ashbringer - Vacant LP

Ashbringer - Vacant LP

Naturalistic black metal that demonstrates an impressive degree of compositional confidence and control of dynamics, concept, and flow, resulting in a rich and immersive album with a lot of depth. A remarkable accomplishment by anyone 

Ab 13,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Archivist - Archivist CD

Archivist - Archivist CD

Archivist are an atmospheric metal band, incorporating shoe gaze, blast beats and post rock into a mass of turbulent percussion and soaring melodies set against a tale of ecological disaster and the last recorded thoughts of the sole survivor.

Ab 10,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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