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Anopheli - A Hunger Rarely Sated LP (2. Versionen)

Anopheli - A Hunger Rarely Sated LP (2. Versionen)
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PRE-ORDER REPRESS!!!! out 15.08.2016!

Pressing Details 2nd Press: 150x green with black haze + 350x black Vinyl. All LPs in 180gram, printed heavy innersleeve, heavy coverjacket

Epic Neo-Crust like EKKAIA, ICTUS, old FALL OF EFRAFA of the amazing MADAME GERMEN!!! Anopheli is a project created between friends living in different countries. Jasmine, Brian and Josh all live in California and Alex (Light Bearer, Fall Of Efrafa...) lives in London. It started off as a lovely idea of immortalising a friendship with a musical project. Anopheli is taken from the word Anopheles, the greek scientific term for Mosquito, which means "good for nothing." Our first record is called "A hunger rarely sated." This is defintly a band that reminds to EKKAIA, ICTUS, old FALL OF EFRAFA of the amazing MADAME GERMEN! please check this out!

Anopheli - A Hunger Rarely Sated LP (2. Versionen)

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