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Arctic Flowers - Reveries LP

Arctic Flowers - Reveries LP
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One of the most well known of Portland's fertile post punk influenced scene, ARCTIC FLOWERS follows up their well received debut EP and split with Spectres. Their sound builds on the foundation of UK anarchopunk meeting their previous work with such bands as Signal Lost and The Observers. This 12-inch has eight songs leaning more towards the hardcore end of the spectrum while throwing in the occasional Mob influenced bit of melodic punk. 

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Grief - limitierte Tour EP

Grief - limitierte Tour EP

Auf 524 Stück Limitierte Euro-Tour 2008 EP in schwarz-grünem Vinyl! Die EP der Amis gibt es nur auf den Konzerten ihrer Tour und über uns zu kaufen. Grief braucht man nicht beschreiben...

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Red Apollo / Sundowning - Split 7

Red Apollo / Sundowning - Split 7"

Split EP von Red Apollo und Sundowning. Geiles Teil!

Ab 4,50 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
Red Apollo / Withers - Split 7

Red Apollo / Withers - Split 7"

The Transgression trilogy of Red Apollo comes to an end after the splits with Gottesmorder, Sundowning and now Withers. Germany vs. Austria this time and it’s a friendly match because both bands show how close they sound together. Normally pretty mid-tempo; “Mental Enlightment” is an up-tempo song and shows the brighter and energetic side of Red Apollo. Still there are the dark undertones combined with a grooving part when the hellish screams kick in. A nineties metalcore riff is the starting point of the postrock/black metal last half of the song. A melancholic undertone... 

Ab 4,50 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
V/A More World, Less Bank Part 3 - No Borders, No Bank EP

V/A More World, Less Bank Part 3 - No Borders, No Bank EP

Have you ever wondered if there are a thing such as the perfect compilation? Well, look no further! The world has so far stopped twice; once in 2003 and oonce in 2005. Now it's time again for what might be considered the best alternative compilation record ever. Hereon you'll find all killers, no fillers. This EP is filled to the brim with the best of the best. 8 bands, 8 tracks - all exclusive! Why ever change a winning concept? For the first time in six long years, here it is - an almost 16 minutes long...

Ab 4,00 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
Warvictims / Sistemas De Aniquilacion - Split EP

Warvictims / Sistemas De Aniquilacion - Split EP

Split EP zwischen Warvictims und Sistemas De Aniquilacion. Sistemas De Aniquilacion aus Peru spielen d-beat crust punk nicht unähnlich von Wolfbrigade, Pisschrist, und Doom. Warvictims hingegen sind mit ihren brutalem D-Beat ja wohl keine unbekannten mehr...  

Ab 4,00 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
Passiv Dödsjälp - Tecken Pä Idioti 10

Passiv Dödsjälp - Tecken Pä Idioti 10"

The latest release from the d-beat inferno known as Passiv Dödshjälp. 10 inches of pure d-beat mania striking hard at the ignorance and stupidity of mankind. Fantastic cover artwork from genius Costin Chioreanu. 

Ab 10,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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