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Dead To A Dying World - Live at Roadburn LP+CD

Dead To A Dying World - Live at Roadburn LP+CD
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limited to 200 copies in black

Recorded at the prestigious Roadburn Festival 2016 in the Green Room. Mixed by Marcel van de Vondervoort, mastered by James Plotkin.
Artwork by Sera Timms (Ides Of Gemini)

The Texas band Dead to a Dying World's live album is a hybrid of doom, black metal, and crust punk, buttressed by baroque classical flourishes and focused on the state of the world and its rather grim prospects. Its six extended pieces commingle melodrama and momentum, horror and hope, pulling the listener along like a tight-wire suspense flick.

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Dead To A Dying World - Litany 2xLP (3. Versionen)

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Ashborer - Demo LP

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Archivist - Construct 2xLP (2. Versionen)

Archivist - Construct 2xLP (2. Versionen)

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