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Disrupt - Discography 4xLP

Disrupt - Discography 4xLP
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Transparent red vinyl - limited on 200 copies!
Grey vinyl - limited on 200 copies!

After a litany of delays, the vastly anticipated Disrupt "Discography" 4xLP officially licensed from Relapse Records is getting set to contaminate the masses just in time for the winter!!

Unlike the Disrupt "DEAD" BOXSET CD on Relapse which featured bootlegs, demos and live recordings, the 4xLP vinyl version is comprised exclusively of all 80 studio songs recorded during Disrupt's resounding existence. This 4xLP double gatefold beast containing a booklet and 2ft. x 2ft. poster will load into a milky clear slipcase cover!! Limited to 1000, so act fast!!

track list:

Side A
Noxious Emissions
Red Sands
Ideals Of An Idiot
Corrupt Regime
Led To The Gallows
Another Angle On Angling
No One Seems To Give A Fuck

Side B
Leave Me Be
Succumb To The Pressure
You've No One To Blame
From Protest To Resistance
Crusade Of Fanaticism
An End To White Rule

Side C
Domestic Prison
Mass Graves
A Life’s A Life
Pay For…
Reality Distortion
Down My Throat
Tortured In Entirety
Religion Is A Fraud

Side D
We Stand Corrected
Faction Disaster
Human Garbage
Without Sincerity
Same Old Shit
For What?
Green To Grey
Religion Is A Fraud

Side E
Smash Divisions
Dog Eat Dog
Give It Back
Victims Of Tradition
Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
Lack Of Intelligence
No Values

Side F
Crock O Christian
Trying My Trust
Body Count
Slave To Stupidity

Side G
Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish
God Fearing Citizen
Victims Of Tradition
Rid The Cancer
Lack Of Intelligence
Give It Back
Anti-Sobriety Song
Pigs Suck
Smash Divisions
Eat Shit

Side H
Dog Eat Dog
Subject To Suffering
No Values
Refuse Planet
Consumed By The System
Doomed To Extinction
Be Your Own Boss
Rid The Cancer
Millions Die For Moneymaking
Crock O Christian  

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