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Fall Of Efrafa - Inle 2xLP (2 Versionen)

Fall Of Efrafa - Inle 2xLP (2 Versionen)
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pressing details: 300x clear with white haze + 700x black, gatefold cover, 180gram vinyl, artwork by ALEX CF

Hier die langerwartetete Fortsetzung und auch das Ende der Fall Of Efrafa Thriologie um die "The Warren Of Snares" Mythology! FALL OF EFRAFA beenden damit ihre Abhandlung des Buches "Watership Down" von Richard Adams. Dieses mal geht´s hauptsächlich um das Aufbegehren gegen den Staat! "Inle" ist weniger D-beat, sondern atmosphärischer harter Post Hardcore, der vielleicht an Bands wie Neurosis, Buried Inside, Envy oder Goodspeed You Black Emperor erinnert! 

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Amenra - Tripod Button

Amenra - Tripod Button

1inch Button mit dem Amenra Tripod Logo! Definitiv wasserfester Druck!

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Amenra - Mass VI 2xLP

Amenra - Mass VI 2xLP

Contrasts have always been deep and at the very heart of Amenra, who have been uttering prayers and holding masses for eighteen years. Tormented darkness has always coexisted alongside luminous beauty, and thunderous impacts instantly follow frail, delicate subtleties. Songs that engulf everyone in the world suddenly feel whispered inside a solitary womb. Mass VI is here, and more than any other album in the band’s past, it highlights those contrasts... 

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Fall Of Efrafa - Logo Patch

Fall Of Efrafa - Logo Patch

Offizielles Bandmerch! Fall Of Efrafa Logo Patch.

Größe: 15x7cm 

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Skaven - Discography LP

Skaven - Discography LP

Out 28rd of May! Everything ever recorded by this Oakland based, shortlived dystopian crust band from the bottom of the gutter. This is authentic, down to earth mid 1990'ies bassheavy CRUST played british style. Lyrix dealing mostly with the misery of life and the personal downfall of the human being in our impersonal, alienated society. The lyrical content is getting perfectly delivered by these eight lovely and life-affirming tunes... imagine that after the music kicks off the wallpapers starts unsticking, mold begins to grow and the smell of decay is spreading in your room... that might describe the amebixish vibe of their sound at it's best. On here you find their split Lp with Dystopia, their 7" + their Split 7" with Stormcrow released years after their demise, both studio-sessions executed by Noah Landis (Neurosis) at Polymorph Studios and remastered 2012 by Brad Boatright from Audiosiege Portland. Great packaging with 2 posters + insert + booklet!  

Ab 10,00 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
Morrow - Forgiving Grin Shirt

Morrow - Forgiving Grin Shirt

Offizielles Bandmerch! Morrow T-Shirt mit weißem Druck! 100% Baumwolle!

Größe des Druckes:
Breite: 22cm
Höhe: 40cm

Klamotten sind gedruckt auf: Gildan Heavy Cotton

Ab 13,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Seher - Nachzehrer LP

Seher - Nachzehrer LP

atmospheric, melodic black metal from berlin. all copies come on black vinyl, with a silkscreened cover 

Ab 12,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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