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Fall Of Efrafa - Tharn LP (2.Versionen)

Fall Of Efrafa - Tharn LP (2.Versionen)
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Pressing Details: 250x limited colored Vinyl and 750x black Vinyl, Etching on Side B, heavy Vinyl

'Tharn' (meaning 'fear') is a single-track remix release of 'Dominion Theology' taken from their latest album 'Elil', but feels more like a teaser for new material from Brighton's Fall of Efrafa.
Paper Aeroplane, the remix masters at work here have turned what is a harsh and bleak track and infused it with piano, cello and a sense of post-rock pleasantries.
Their wording of this in release material as a 're-imagining' of the track, although a stomach-churning term, in this case is accurate.
Taking sections of guitar and sections of the relentless heaviness and turning it into almost a soundtrack-like piece of music is a great way to manipulate and show off FoE's grandeur in a way they had obviously not thought of before.
it was released on 300 one-sided LPs with a beautiful screen-printed b-side, this release is sold out since a super long time, which shows you how fast word travels on a fantastic band.

Big time instrumental emo (circa 1994-style) complete with piano and a cello to round out a well developed and executed piece of music. Gruff, yelled vocals make a brief appearance after a l...o...n...g calm and help usher things into more of a concerted song - yes, song, singular. The one songed, one-sided 12" has a beautifully screened B-side that does not play music. The side that does is comprised mostly of singular instruments slowly coalescing and ultimately reaching a crescendo of epic...ness. Dreary, emotional, and made for certain rainy nights alone, this is bringing me back to sad days in high school. Apparently known in some circles of heavyier music, FALL OF EFRAFA has taken a piece of music originally done by PAPER AEROPLANE and given it their personal touch of eloquence. For fans of GOSPEL, DROWNING WITH OUR ANCHORS, and MINERAL.

Fall Of Efrafa - Tharn LP (2.Versionen)

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