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Hexis - Abalam Picture-LP

Hexis - Abalam Picture-LP
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USA-Import!!!! For fans of CELESTE, AMENRA... Landing by surprise from the cold and distant lands of Denmark, HEXIS delivers their first full-length record "Abalam" after a handful of singles and splits. Directly inspired by the darkness of black metal and the brutality of punk hadcore, the five danish guys offer us thirteen titles under the signs of monolithism and dedication. The album title "Abalam" refers to the Prince of Hell and his female face, all the lyrics of the record are focused on the demonic concept. 

Hexis - Abalam Picture-LP

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Rituals - s/t LP (lim. glow in the dark vinyl)

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Größe des Druckes:
Breite: 23cm
Höhe: 45cm

Klamotten sind gedruckt auf Gildan Heavy Blend Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

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Light Bearer - Beyond The Infinite, The Assembly Of God 12

Light Bearer - Beyond The Infinite, The Assembly Of God 12"

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Light Bearer / Northless - Split LP (4. Versionen)

Light Bearer / Northless - Split LP (4. Versionen)

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