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Las Casas Viejas - Goule//H 2xLP (2. Versionen)

Las Casas Viejas - Goule//H 2xLP (2. Versionen)
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PRE-ORDER!!! Out 10.11.2017!!!

Pressing Details: 100 x beige marbled w/ yellow/black/white, 400 x Black, download code, double-sided insert, gatefold cover, 2x 180gram Vinyl

Las Casas Viejas are a six piece epic-atmospheric rock band, hailing from Austria and Germany, featuring members of LA LIGNE MAGINOT and FAKE EMPIRE. Drawing influence from postrock, sludge, doom and blackmetal.
This is an immensely complex band, lyrically and musically. Peeling this back like an onion reveals a mixture of down-tuned hardcore punk with seriously dark metallic overtones and atmospheric textures piercing through waves of thick reverb. Lyrical overtones paint a bleak existential foray into the decay of society, poetic without sounding contrived, and are well translated from the native Austrian-inflected German.

Las Casas Viejas - Goule//H 2xLP (2. Versionen)

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Burning Bright / Bastions - Swan Songs Split LP

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