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Mörkhimmel / The Tower - Split LP

Mörkhimmel / The Tower - Split LP
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Downfall Of Gaia - Atrophy LP

Downfall Of Gaia - Atrophy LP

available in the following formats:
– CD
– 180g black vinyl
– 180g black/white vinyl (limited to 300 copies!)
– 180g yellow marbled vinyl (limited to 200 copies!)

Downfall of Gaia is a dark wall... 

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Cloud Rat - Moksha LP

Cloud Rat - Moksha LP

USA-Import!!! Moksha is a culmination of the band's experience and shows the band fine tuning their sound to a well honed/leathal point. The thirteen songs on Moksha are scathing, vicious, veomous, crushing, and relentless. Cloud Rat's sound balances a volatile mixture of hardcore, punk, grindcore, with traces of black metal thrown in for good measure. Overall, Moksha is an amazing listen and Cloud Rat is an absolute must listen for fans of Torch Runner, Resurrectionists and Republic Of Dreams.

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Cranial - Dark Towers / Bright Lights LP

Cranial - Dark Towers / Bright Lights LP

First album by post-metal heavyweight CRANIAL. After their EP 'Dead Ends' the band finally releases an album. Heavy Postmetal, Sludge and Doom! 

After arising from the ashes of the post-metal heavyweight Omega Massif in 2014, Cranial are now about to release their first longplayer „Dark Towers, Bright Lights“ that combines 45 minutes of thick and heavy sludge and doom...

Ab 12,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Depravation - Feast With The Rats LP

Depravation - Feast With The Rats LP

DEPRAVATION plays a filthy mixture of hardcore, metal and crust. After their 2013 debut "II: maledictvm", the split with SLOWLY WE ROT showed the direction the band was heading to with the songs of their new release "feast with the rats". The current material is heavily influenced by death and black-metal (the vicious BOLT THROWER and MAYHEM style... 

Ab 11,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Monarch - Omens LP

Monarch - Omens LP

Omens is MONARCH's sixth full-length release of atmospheric dirge / drone since their 2005 inception, not to mention the myriad of other releases within thatamount of time including three EPs, three split releases (Elysium, Moss and Grey Daturas) and more, under the banners of Crucial Blast, Throne Records, 20 Buck Spin,Heathen Skulls and other indie labels! Omens was recorded over a period of four months in four different countries (Osaka, Japan by Hironori Ochi @ Kakurega | Melbourne, Australia by NeilThomason @ Head Gap | Montreal, Canada by Matt Cartman @ Crane Studio | Chicago, IL by Sanford Parker @ Engine Studios). The latest recordings also features newest member Rob Schaeffer (Dark Castle, YOB live, etc.) along with guitarist Shiran Kaüdine (Year of No Light), bassist MicHell Bidegain,...  

Ab 11,50 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
Moro Moro Land / Drom - Split LP

Moro Moro Land / Drom - Split LP

This split 12" offers two fine examples of bleak, grim and gloomy blackened post-metal. (Is that enough synonyms for ya?)
Drom, from the Czech Republic, mix sludgy riffs, atmospheric buildups and decays, harsh strained screams, and a flavour of bitter, angry veganism. Russia's Moro Moro Land take the classic formula of post-metal and add in a fervent pace to this release that is unseen on any of their previous releases. 

Ab 11,00 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)

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