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Momentum - Herbivore LP (3. Versionen)

Momentum - Herbivore LP (3. Versionen)
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Momentum formed in 2011, featuring members of LIGHT BEARER, FALL OF EFRAFA and PLAGUE MASS.
2nd LP by this outstanding HC Band. Momentum is playing driving, melodic and pissed off DIY hardcore punk, both crushing and uplifting, ignoring sub-genres and getting back to the basics of why we love fast political music. The lyrics are all about veganism. 180 Gram Deluxe pressing with heavy cover and huge heavy booklet + lyric insert. Art by ALEX CF (Fall Of Efrafa, Light Bearer and Momentum)

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Link - Chapter IV LP

Link - Chapter IV LP

Pressing Details Repress: 300 Copies on colored vinyl.

Belgium's Link create melancholic atmospheres above heavy tunes and dark lyrics. Their brooding brand of hardcore crust runs deep pulling a compounding sound of Although it’s hard to put a label on the music, they just call it ‘dark and epic crust’. The music is what they like to hear and what they like to play. Without compromises. 'Chapter IV' is a 6 track crusher, recorded in Hearse Studio, Belgium and artwork to be compiled by Simon of Lust for Death. Link have been stalwarts of Belgium and European hardcore/crust scene for many years and for those unfamiliar Link are firmly with in the ground fans of His Hero Is Gone, Bacchus and From Ashes Rise.

Ab 11,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Oaken - King Beast LP (2.Versionen)

Oaken - King Beast LP (2.Versionen)

Pre-Order! Out 15th of February 2016!!!

Pressing Details: 150x Limitec colored Vinyl and 350x black. All packed in a heavy 2xLP Cover, inlay and heavy 180 gram Vinyl


Formed from hungarian screamo/crust/hardcore bands in 2012 for the purpose to use a slightly different songwriting approach concerning orchestration and length. Oaken presents savage overpowering drift with grim, atmospheric sound adding instruments uncommon in dark hardcore music like percussions and synthesiser. Slow passages blow up into the mixture of crushing hardcore riffs and monumental, eerie melodies backed by wide range of vocals with fierce lows. 

Ab 11,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Punch - They Don't Have To Believe LP

Punch - They Don't Have To Believe LP

USA-Import!!! San Francisco's PUNCH deliver with "they don't have to believe" their 3rd full-length release. PUNCH combine fast, '80s-influenced hardcore, thrashing blast beats and female vocals. "they don't have to believe" is 15 songs that blur the lines of hardcore and grind. All of them personal, political and uniquely unapologetic. Colored vinyl includes a digital download card. 

Ab 16,00 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)
Icos - Fragments Of Sirens 2xLP

Icos - Fragments Of Sirens 2xLP

Ein wunderschöner Satz findet sich im Info des Labels zum zweiten Album der Band aus Göteborg: "ICOS gründeten sich Anfang 2001 als Kollektiv . Sie brauchten sage und schreibe 2 Jahre bis sie die ersten Konzerte live spielten." Meine Rede: Kollektives Arbeiten ist ja eine schöne Sache, aber wenn einer ansagt, wo's lang geht, geht so manches schneller. Hätte ich...

Ab 15,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Ancst - Moloch LP

Ancst - Moloch LP

Ancst have returned with a new recording that continues the mixture of black metal and crust from previous recordings and this is a review of their 2016 album "Moloch"
A very heavy, raw and aggressive sound starts off the album along with some angry black metal screams... 

Ab 13,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Passiv Dödsjälp - Tecken Pä Idioti 10

Passiv Dödsjälp - Tecken Pä Idioti 10"

The latest release from the d-beat inferno known as Passiv Dödshjälp. 10 inches of pure d-beat mania striking hard at the ignorance and stupidity of mankind. Fantastic cover artwork from genius Costin Chioreanu. 

Ab 10,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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