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Murderess - The Gate LP

Murderess - The Gate LP
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USA-Import! Sprawling metallic d-beat crust from this five-piece based in Portland, OR, this is the follow-up EP to their 2010 debut on ABSOC, The Last Thing You Will Ever See…. This 5-piece lineup features vocals by Jozy Kinnaman, guitars by Rachel Nakanishi and Amanda Burghard, Eben Travis on drums and Casey Lynch on bass, and ventures into some darker, more death metal influenced territory while retaining their blackened crust aesthetic. Originally released as a cassette limited to 100 for their East Coast tour last summer, we are stoked to announce a vinyl version of these blazing tracks! 

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Light Bearer - Backpatch

Light Bearer - Backpatch

Offizielles Bandmerch! Light Bearer Backpatch.

Größe: 34x25cm

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AmenRa - Mass III LP

AmenRa - Mass III LP

REPRESSED! This record really defines the AMEN RA sound : a mix between dark post-metal and rough sludge with screamy and oppressive vocals.

Ab 18,50 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Anti Ritual - s/t LP

Anti Ritual - s/t LP

ANTI RITUAL (with members of rising... ) from copenhagen will crush your head, brutal metallic hardcore rage..., some friend said it sounds like a mix of nails and entombed...  

Ab 11,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
At The Gates - At War With Reality LP (3.Versionen)

At The Gates - At War With Reality LP (3.Versionen)

das neue Album dieser schwedischen Death-Metal-Band! Meilenstein!!!

- 2×10” Boxset (Limited to 1000)
- Dark Green 180gr Gatefold (Europe, Limited to 500)
- Black 180gr Gatefold LP (Unlimited)

Ab 20,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Blackout - Stop The Clock LP

Blackout - Stop The Clock LP

USA-Import!!! Following directly on their heels of their 2007 debut LP, Minneapolis’ BLACKOUT deliver another dose of angst-ridden punk rock’n'roll madness. The music is powerful hardcore punk (read POISON IDEA) with a healthy dose of MOTÖRHEAD style metal. Lyrics are cut-to-the-bone observations about life on the ugly underside of society and are heavily influenced by classic American Blues music. BLACKOUT members have been part of the Profane Existence...

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Holy - Seclusion MMXIV LP

Holy - Seclusion MMXIV LP

HOLY is a four-person hardcore destruction unit from Milan, Italy. Melding elements of punk, d-beat and thrash they rip through 5 tracks of ethically-charged mayhem in their release "seclusion MMXIV". Over the course of the last 2 years, HOLY have made a name for themselves touring worldwide, releasing a self-titled record and cultivating a well deserved reputation of live ferocity. All records come with a screen-printed b-side 

Ab 11,00 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)

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