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Sól - Upheaval LP (2. Versionen)

Sól - Upheaval LP (2. Versionen)
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Pressing Details: 200 x lim. color + 300 x black Vinyl, Gatefold Cover, download code, 180gram Vinyl, Insert, Artwork by ALEX CF

Sól are an atmospheric metal band with black metal, doom, sludge and post-rock influences based out of Portland, OR. They have just finished their sophomore album “Upheaval”. Since the beginning of this project their focus, conceptually, has been about nature. Specifically they are relating to the ever-changing wilderness of our home that is the Pacific Northwest. With this counter-stone in place they also touch upon pagan folklore and spirituality (Norse, Anglo-saxon, and Native American), the tame-less wild, chaos of all the cosmos, loss, anti-fascism, and the ills of modern day society. The name is derived from the old Norse word for "sun" which is honoring the raw forces of nature. We chose the Norse variation of the word because of unforgiving weather in Scandinavia and the picture that that concept paints. To them the sun was fleeting hope. A very dim light in some of the most harsh climate. Ultimately this is what they are about, a reflection of overwhelming darkness and struggling light that shines through which exists in all of nature and the cosmos. When it comes to their influences we like to take bits our favorite sub-genres and mix it in with what we feel is our "sound". 

Sól - Upheaval LP (2. Versionen)

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Fall Of Efrafa - Inle 2xLP (2 Versionen)

Fall Of Efrafa - Inle 2xLP (2 Versionen)

pressing details: 300x clear with white haze + 700x black, gatefold cover, 180gram vinyl, artwork by ALEX CF

Hier die langerwartetete Fortsetzung und auch das Ende der Fall Of Efrafa Thriologie um die "The Warren Of Snares" Mythology! FALL OF EFRAFA beenden damit ihre Abhandlung des Buches "Watership Down"... 

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Las Casas Viejas - Goule//H 2xLP (2. Versionen)

Las Casas Viejas - Goule//H 2xLP (2. Versionen)

PRE-ORDER!!! Out 10.11.2017!!!

Pressing Details: 100 x beige marbled w/ yellow/black/white, 400 x Black, download code, double-sided insert, gatefold cover, 2x 180gram Vinyl

Las Casas Viejas are a six piece epic-atmospheric rock band, hailing from Austria and Germany, featuring members of LA LIGNE MAGINOT and FAKE EMPIRE. Drawing influence from postrock, sludge, doom and blackmetal.
This is an immensely complex band, lyrically and musically. Peeling this back like an onion reveals a mixture of down-tuned hardcore punk with seriously dark metallic overtones and atmospheric textures piercing through waves of thick reverb. Lyrical overtones paint a bleak existential foray into the decay of society, poetic without sounding contrived, and are well translated from the native Austrian-inflected German.

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Light Bearer / Monachus - Siebdruckposter

Light Bearer / Monachus - Siebdruckposter

Light Bearer / Monachus 6 Farben Siebdruckposter. Limitiert auf 137 Stück und fast ausverkauft. Es handelt sich um die letzten Poster die auf der gemeinsamen Tour im September 2011 über geblieben sind!


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Fall Of Efrafa - Poster

Fall Of Efrafa - Poster

Fall Of Efrafa Poster in DIN A 2 Grösse. (42 x 59 cm). Schwarz/weißer Druck

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Amber / Locktender - Split 7

Amber / Locktender - Split 7"

Pre-Order! Out 20th of March! Germany post hardcore/metal meets Ohio post hardcore / post scream. Epic-ness in a small format. Don´t miss Locktender on their European Tour in Mai 2014 

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Children Of God / Breag Naofa - Split 7

Children Of God / Breag Naofa - Split 7" (lim. 300 copies)

Breag Naofa speeds up its crushing post metal/doom with a lil dbeat/crust fury that is all catchy melody and heaviness.
Cildren Of God pounds away vicously as heard on its recent Lps and splits. ( the song got recorded during the recording session for the lp, so it fits right into this sound...)  

Ab 4,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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