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Unru / Tongue - Split LP (2.Versionen)

Unru / Tongue - Split LP (2.Versionen)
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Pressing Details: 250 x White + 150 x Black, Download Code, 420gram Cover, 180gram Vinyl

Die Bielefelder UNRU ziehen Dich mit "Intimhölle Regression" wieder hinab in den Schlund tiefster Dunkelheit. Hier gibt es kein Entrinnen, dem beklemmenden Intro folgen hypnotische Riffs, quälende Vokal-Laute, manische Raserei. Dieses Werk lässt den Hörer erneut völlig verstört zurück.
TONGUE liefern direkt nach ihrem Debut die erste Split ab. "Omega Male" ist treibender Black Metal, ein dicker Brocken Hass, der direkt ins Mikrofon gespien wird, unterbrochen von melodischen Interludien, zeichnen ein raues Klangbild. Die plötzlich auf der Bildfläche erschienenen TONGUE legen die Vermutung nahe, dass in Bielefelds Untergrund ein Vulkan vor sich hin wabert und gelegentlich ein ungeschliffenes Juwel ausspuckt

Unru / Tongue - Split LP (2.Versionen) Unru / Tongue - Split LP (2.Versionen)

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Fall Of Efrafa - Owsla LP (2. Versionen)

Fall Of Efrafa - Owsla LP (2. Versionen)

Pressing Informations 7th Pressing: 300x clear with white haze, 700x black, 180gram, 380gram cover, double-sided A2 Poster

Pressing Informations 6th Pressing: 300x clear, 700x black 180gram Vinyl

Fucking hell, this is one of the best records I got my hands on lately! Hard hitting, yet melodic and epic crusty HCpunk with a Cello and throaty vocal style from Brighton UK. They really know how to create a desperate and aggressive athmosphere at the same time. This band delivers their music with a lot of variation in speed which makes the songs memorable and entertaining which is hardly the case nowadays. Lyrix based upon the book "Watership Down" - Awesome!

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Curbeaters - Time Is Unforgiving LP

Curbeaters - Time Is Unforgiving LP

CURBEATERS are/were kind of like “the father you never saw and didn't know was there, but suddenly he knocks at your door“. At least that's kind of like the case to well-known German acts BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, IRA, PLANKS and ULTHA... 

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◯ / Planks - Split EP (3 Versionen)

◯ / Planks - Split EP (3 Versionen)

Split 7" between PLANKS and O. Both bands chose one song they love and interpreted it in their own specific way. Planks chose "A Forest", a classic tune by The Cure. O worked on the "Laura Palmer Theme" by Angelo Badalamenti, one of the muscial core elements of David Lynch's Twin Peaks. artwork by Yves Lennertz of O. The 7" will come with a screen printed guard sleeve and a free download.

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Ancst / King Apathy (Thränenkind) - Split LP (5. Versionen)

Ancst / King Apathy (Thränenkind) - Split LP (5. Versionen)

Pressing Details: 100 x Ultra Clear with transparent purple and black splatter, 100 x White with black color in color, 300 x Clear, 300 x White + 200 x Black, Download Code, A2 Poster, 420gram Cover, 180gram Vinyl

Split LP from Berlin based blackened crust collective ANCST and KING APATHY (formerly known as THRÄNENKIND).

With these new songs ANCST is heading out into much more melodic territories while still featuring the aggression of former releases. This split delivers 2 new songs of bastard sound black metal / hardcore crossover that takes no prisoners.

KING APATHY contribute 2 new songs with opressive atmosphere instead of blazing speed or brutality. KING APATHY change effortlessly between melodic metal, post black metal, crust, post rock and hardcore punk without putting obvious priorities or rather core areas. The focus - still - lies on creating a sound of melancholy as well as lasting impressions.

Ab 13,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Hexis - Tando Ashanti LP (2. Versionen)

Hexis - Tando Ashanti LP (2. Versionen)

Pressing Details: 450x limited color + 1050x black Vinyl, tipon gatefold jacket, download code, 180gram Vinyl, 12 Page Booklet, Download Code

The follow up to their break-through "Abalam" LP. - This album its hosted in an "tipon" gatefold jacket, download code, 180gram Vinyl plus an 12 Page LP-sized booklet and printed inner sleeve. A musically and physically massive piece of chaos! for friends of bands like CELESTE...

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Sól - Upheaval LP (2. Versionen)

Sól - Upheaval LP (2. Versionen)

Pressing Details: 200 x lim. color + 300 x black Vinyl, Gatefold Cover, download code, 180gram Vinyl, Insert, Artwork by ALEX CF

Sól are an atmospheric metal band with black metal, doom, sludge and post-rock influences based out of Portland, OR. They have just finished their sophomore album “Upheaval”. Since the beginning of this project their focus, conceptually, has been about nature. Specifically they are relating to the ever-changing wilderness of our home that is the Pacific Northwest. With this counter-stone in place they also touch upon pagan folklore and spirituality (Norse, Anglo-saxon, and Native American), the tame-less wild, chaos of all the cosmos, loss, anti-fascism, and the ills of modern day society.... 

Ab 11,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)

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