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Wildernessking - Mystical Future LP

Wildernessking - Mystical Future LP
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Mystical Future was recorded in Cape Town by Wildernessking and Daniel Thackwray, and it was mixed and mastered in California by the famed Jack Shirley.
“Mystical Future” is yet another example of the band’s skill at integrating different styles of music within a framework of black metal — and it’s also as intense and intensely moving as anything they’ve done to date.
It storms right from the start with a surging hail of riffs, torrential drumming, rapid-fire bass munitions, and throat-tearing acidic howls. After that rousing start, the storm subsides, passing into a somber yet poignant mid-section that features a heart-wrenching guitar solo as Keenan Nathan Oakes’ shrieks reach new heights of soul-rending anguish. But as good as the first half of the song is, it still hasn’t reached its peak.
The power of the music builds again, driven by an intense drum performance, with layers of rippling guitar chords magnifying the music’s emotional appeal. The song reaches its crescendo in a high, trilling guitar melody that reaches out and seizes attention in a way that’s electrifying — and even then, one more affecting guitar melody still awaits before the song fades away.
As a first single from the album, “With Arms Like Wands” is a great choice — but it’s only the first of many gems in a superb album that’s going to re-focus the world’s attention on a very talented band from a far-away place (and we will have much more to say about it when the time is right) -  

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Loth - Apocryphe LP

Loth - Apocryphe LP

Taking influences from the Norway traditional school of black metal, adding bits from Austrasian folklore and overwhelming its concept with the right amount of atmosphere, LOTH is now giving birth to its second
album called Apocryphe. With 3 original songs and a Guillaume De Machaut cover, the band goes straight for the throat and deliver its most aggressive recording yet.
Featuring Flore and The Austrasian Goat on Douce Dame Jolie.  

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Verheerer - Archar LP

Verheerer - Archar LP

"VERHEERER, a mysterious, clandestine Black Metal project from Flensburg (Germany). Consequently it's not much to discover about it. Therefore I am uncertain if it's a one man project, a band or whatever galactic demon. Frankly, who gives a fuck? Important is “Archar” is high quality Black Metal entertainment... 

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Void Omnia - Dying Light LP

Void Omnia - Dying Light LP

Void Omnia is a five-member black metal outfit from Oakland, USA, created in 2013 and bringing together former members of Apocryphon, Mutilation Rites and Tombs among others. The band has released a demo in 2014 and “Dying Light” is its first full-length album, available via Vendetta Records.
Void Omnia is, in terms of atmosphere, one of those bands that I like to call the “third path“. I am talking about those acts which although are diligent students of both classic diabolical Scandinavian sound and the naturalistic US and Canadian black metal, their own atmosphere is not built with eerie, naked 90’s riffs nor with ambient and natural sound themes.It’s rather based on well-written and well-played guitar riffs that create a sense of melancholic paranoia, a constant state of emotional over-stimulation. (reckoning hour) 

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Fruit Of The Loom - Hoody (schwarz)

Fruit Of The Loom - Hoody (schwarz)

Hier könnt Ihr eure Textilien zum Selbstbedrucken kaufen. 

Marke: Fruit of the Loom

Doppelte Kapuze mit gleichfarbigem Kordelzug
Belcoro® Garn für weicheren Griff
Beuteltasche vorne
Material: 80% Baumwolle Belcoro® Garn/20% Polyester

Grammatur: 280 g/m²

Größen: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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Dead To A Dying World - Graveyard Backpatch

Dead To A Dying World - Graveyard Backpatch

Offizielles Bandmerch! Dead To A Dying World Backpatch.

Größe des Druckes:
Breite: 31cm
Höhe: 44cm

Ab 6,00 EUR ( zzgl. Versandkosten)
Wind In His Hair - Logo Patch

Wind In His Hair - Logo Patch

Offizielles Bandmerch! Wind In His Hair Logo Patch.

Größe: 14x9cm 

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