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Wildernessking - Mystical Future LP

Wildernessking - Mystical Future LP
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Mystical Future was recorded in Cape Town by Wildernessking and Daniel Thackwray, and it was mixed and mastered in California by the famed Jack Shirley.
“Mystical Future” is yet another example of the band’s skill at integrating different styles of music within a framework of black metal — and it’s also as intense and intensely moving as anything they’ve done to date.
It storms right from the start with a surging hail of riffs, torrential drumming, rapid-fire bass munitions, and throat-tearing acidic howls. After that rousing start, the storm subsides, passing into a somber yet poignant mid-section that features a heart-wrenching guitar solo as Keenan Nathan Oakes’ shrieks reach new heights of soul-rending anguish. But as good as the first half of the song is, it still hasn’t reached its peak.
The power of the music builds again, driven by an intense drum performance, with layers of rippling guitar chords magnifying the music’s emotional appeal. The song reaches its crescendo in a high, trilling guitar melody that reaches out and seizes attention in a way that’s electrifying — and even then, one more affecting guitar melody still awaits before the song fades away.
As a first single from the album, “With Arms Like Wands” is a great choice — but it’s only the first of many gems in a superb album that’s going to re-focus the world’s attention on a very talented band from a far-away place (and we will have much more to say about it when the time is right) -  

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Death Engine - Mud LP+7

Death Engine - Mud LP+7"

Following the release of their abrasive debut EP «Amen», DEATH ENGINE made a brutal entrance in 2013 with a couple of European tours – a string of infernal outbreaks that have little in common with your average live show. The now four-piece from Lorient, France spent most of 2014 working on their debut album «Mud», which was once again recorded by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle and mastered by Sylvain Biguet... 

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Fall Of Efrafa / Down To Agony - Split LP (2. Versionen)

Fall Of Efrafa / Down To Agony - Split LP (2. Versionen)

Pressing Details: 200x Limited colored Vinyl and 800x black. comes with a different artwork.

Originally released in 2007, this is the first repress/reissue of this classic split LP. FALL OF EFRAFA should be well known as they influenced hundreds of bands worldwide with their interpretation of modern Crust / HC ranging and mixing influences from Post Hardcore, and Metal. Their song on this split 'No longer human' is a twelve minute poetic epos and a classic. DOWN TO AGONY were a neocrust band from Zaragoza, playing fast, angry and melodic hardcore in the veins of EKKAIA and MADAME GERMAN.

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Farson - Erode LP

Farson - Erode LP

Often atmospheric, sometimes dead straight to the bottom of your soul. Uplifting for a moment, only to decay into utter depression. Levitating blastbeats, then, suddenly, mellow drums that lose themselves in a wall of guitars soaked with reverb and delay. Howling, desperate screams over a distorted bass guitar. From Pale Chalice to Slowdive, from Title Fight to Altar Of Plagues, but mainly some friends that play their instruments the way they like.
That is Farson... 

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Hemelbestormer - Portals LP

Hemelbestormer - Portals LP

Hemelbestormer is Dutch for someone with revolutionary views, an idealist and someone with wild plans. Literally it can be translated as "sky stormer" or "stormer of heaven". ...and so are the five individuals behind this entity. Hemelbestormer is the MMXII omega in a long chain of births and deaths, having its roots in the black metal, sludge and hardcore scene 

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Moro Moro Land - Through LP

Moro Moro Land - Through LP

MORO MORO LAND is the absolutely terrifying "tenebris". A furious number with black metal-esque bile and a palpable sense of anger. The truth is that they deliver an ultraviolent music in the wake of great bands like CELESTE, SHORA or DEATHSPELL OMEGA. Even if the point isn't to produce the most inovative shit, MORO MORO LAND manages to blow everything on its way. No silence, no compromise.

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Myteri - s/t LP

Myteri - s/t LP

Myteri are a new all-star band deriving from Gothenburg. their sound reminds me alot to the first FALL OF EFRAFA LP. Some of the members are from Eskatologia; and this sound is still intact. Ten songs of misery and despair; d-beat and booze throughout this raw mayhem.

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