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Fisco - Vorderwasser LP Fisco - Vorderwasser LP
A matter close to the heart: "Vorderwasser", the debut and at the same time the Best of record (2014-2018) of fisco from the shoals of the province of Lower Saxony. Not from Hamburg, no scene, only charm! Emopunk for people who love...
12,00 € *
Hermelin - Tüdelüt LP Hermelin - Tüdelüt LP
RESTOCKED!!!! 4 songs, 22 minutes, nobody is singing. Elevator music far too loud that you will want to listen to over and over again. The fifth release by Hermelin is a twisted ear worm and a potential favourite record. Dunkelziffer...
17,00 € *
Mørsch - Ragequit​/​Reality LP Mørsch - Ragequit​/​Reality LP
Limited to 150 copies! Polyphonic punksongs from Hanover/Germany in finesth denglish. First studio album, 8-track vinyl with the strange title "ragequit/reality". Google "ragequit" yourself! Sounds modern, but it's not at all. You you're...
12,00 € *
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