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M:40 - Arvsynd CD M:40 - Arvsynd CD
Musically, Arvsynd, is a natural continuation from earlier records: Heaviness combined with d-beat madness, desperate outbursts and controlled eerie darkness. We haven’t changed our weapons, but time has sharpened the knives. The title...
11,00 € *
Moribund Scum / Exilent - Reneval Split LP Moribund Scum / Exilent - Reneval Split LP
Here is the long awaited second fullength album from these 5 punx from Hannover. Exilent - Raging dispunk/crust that we already know from their first and second albums. Ini is sounding great with her raspy vocals with some raw backings...
12,00 € *
V/A More World, Less Bank Part 3 - No Borders, No Bank EP V/A More World, Less Bank Part 3 - No Borders,...
Have you ever wondered if there are a thing such as the perfect compilation? Well, look no further! The world has so far stopped twice; once in 2003 and oonce in 2005. Now it's time again for what might be considered the best alternative...
3,00 € *
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