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Habak / Lagrimas - Split LP (USA-Press) Habak / Lagrimas - Split LP (USA-Press)
USA-IMPORT!!!! Based in Los Angeles and Tijuana respectively, Lágrimas and Habak come together for a split LP celebrating friendship and a shared love for the DIY hardcore community. The perfectly paired music of Lágrimas and Habak each...
20,00 € *
Massa Nera & Quiet Fear - Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles Split-LP Massa Nera & Quiet Fear - Quatro Vientos //...
USA-IMPORT!!!! America can be a cold and callous place. As vast as it is cruel, the modern living experience is often defined by isolation. Pushing back against the doldrums and reaching for community, Massa Nera and Quiet Fear release...
20,00 € *
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