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Adrestia - The Wrath Of Euphrates LP Adrestia - The Wrath Of Euphrates LP
The year 2019 was overflowing with mammoth-sounding crust albums featuring dystopian visions intermeshed with bleak sociopolitical commentary. (See powerhouse releases from the likes of Agnosy, Swordwielder, Dödläge, Genogeist, and...
15,00 € *
Adrestia / Encore - Split LP Adrestia / Encore - Split LP
Adrestia's (ex SHADES OF GREY, MASSMORD, FUTURE RUINS...) music is a mix of crust punk and old school swedish death metal. The lyrics are mostly reflections of the time we're living in, the conflicts, the dictators, the religious freaks,...
15,00 € *
Ancient Emblem / Social Crisis - Split LP Ancient Emblem / Social Crisis - Split LP
Two great neo-crust bands on the common split. Ancient Emblem are coming from Spain and their neo-crust massacre is heavily influenced by black metal sound. Social Crisis coming from Poland and they play heavy dark emo-crust / d-beat. A...
15,00 € *
Antigen - Dust and Ashes LP Antigen - Dust and Ashes LP
New album from crust / punk band from Praha / Göttingen. Raw and straight crust punk. In re-new line-up with ex-members from Dread 101, Jonestown, Fear Of Extinction. Coming with download code.
14,00 € *
Kakafoni - Krälar I Stoftet LP Kakafoni - Krälar I Stoftet LP
International raw hardcore / crust project including members from bands like Dissekerad, Makabert Fynd, Hellkontrol or Eyehategod. New album, raw and dirty.
12,00 € *
Lautstürmer / Remiso - Split LP Lautstürmer / Remiso - Split LP
this split is a really great one !!! Raw Punk, Metal, Crust to the max. Both bands are from Mälmo, Sweden and both bands are filled with members with great experience from other projects, bands: LAUTSTÜRMER with (ex-) members of DRILLER...
12,00 € *
Suffer The Pain - Hellbound LP Suffer The Pain - Hellbound LP
Swedish metallers Suffer The Pain had been riding the EP/Split/Promo/Live album phase for quite a while before releasing their debut Midnight Sacrifice in 2015. This allowed them the opportunity to spew forth a load of material that was...
12,00 € *
Svaveldioxid - Ändlös Mardöm LP Svaveldioxid - Ändlös Mardöm LP
Relentless d-beat käng in the classic Swedish tradition. Mix Anti-Cimex, Dischange, Bombanfall, No Security and Svart Parad and you get Svaveldioxid! Featuring members previously heard in bands like Warvictims, Disfear, Operation and...
12,00 € *
War//Plague - Into The Depths LP War//Plague - Into The Depths LP
War//Plague are back with their new full-length, "Into the Depth". New crushing songs of protest, rage, and resistance in the classic Minneapolis style. Classic crust punk in a modern vein, with an emphasis on substance before...
12,00 € *
Warcollapse - Deserts Of Ash LP Warcollapse - Deserts Of Ash LP
he Swedish masters of scandi-crust are finally back on the map with their first new recordings/songs since 2008's "defy" album on Profane Existence. You'll get 5 songs of roaring bulldozer crustcore with the WARCOLLAPSE heaviness and the...
13,00 € *
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