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Drip Of Lies / Rivers Run Dry - Split 7" Drip Of Lies / Rivers Run Dry - Split 7"
Two bands that are again really close to us RIVERS RUN DRY and DRIP OF LIES...together they made a split which we are really excited about! RIVERS RUN DRY from Hungary makes atmospeheric dark hardcore in the veins of Catharsis. DRIP OF...
4,00 € *
Lawine / Remek - Split LP Lawine / Remek - Split LP
Lawine is Nijmegen based band with an interesting twist. Very emotional post hardcore with a touch of Neil Young & Jimi. Remek has been around for a while, this czech screamo quartet brings one of the most emotional shows, I’ve ever...
11,00 € *
Leechfeast - Neon Crosses LP Leechfeast - Neon Crosses LP
Neon Crosses' was born from the fertile soil of false salvation, wounds left by expectations and refusal to let things go - all illuminated by the flicker of the streetlight. Cancerous nature of deteriorating urban sprawl, endless...
14,00 € *
Left to Starve - Nikada Se Nisam Bojao Zmija LP Left to Starve - Nikada Se Nisam Bojao Zmija LP
Left to Starve have taken yet another step further with their sound on their first full length titled “Nikada se nisam bojao zmija”. It’s not just punishing heavy, it just gives you this feeling nothing is ever gonna be fine again. It’s...
14,00 € *
Resent - Crosshairs LP Resent - Crosshairs LP
RESENT formed in 2017, in Victoria BC, with intentions of playing ugly and disdain drenched sludge; the six tracks that make up their debut LP prove that they more than achieved this. The band draws heavily on the classic '90s sludge...
14,00 € *
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