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Swordwielder - System Overlord LP Swordwielder - System Overlord LP
Awesome metallic crust punk in the Amebix tradition and the UK crust scene of the 1980's. No other band has ever reincarnated the sound of that time as well as SWORDWIELDER. So epic, raw, heavy, and beautiful. This is the album you have...
18,00 € *
Swordwielder - Wielding Metal Massacre LP Swordwielder - Wielding Metal Massacre LP
Gotheburg stench crusters delivering their 2022 recording. As a take on what the epic crust could be in a time when everything seems to be collapsing in on us all. This selfreleased mini LP is recorded may 2022 at element studios in...
18,00 € *
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