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Autarch - Excession//Excision MC Autarch - Excession//Excision MC
Pressing Details: 200 pro done Tapes This record was written and recorded DIY in 2020. While the world fell apart around us. While the so called "world leaders" actively worked to violently put down popular dissent against their bigoted...
7,50 € *
Hexis - Tando Ashanti MC Hexis - Tando Ashanti MC
The follow up to their break-through "Abalam" LP. A musically and physically massive piece of chaos! for friends of bands like CELESTE...
7,00 € *
No Sun Rises – Dominium Terrae MC No Sun Rises – Dominium Terrae MC
Limited to 50 copies! Second Longplayer from No Sun Rises.
6,50 € *
Respire - Black Line MC Respire - Black Line MC
Canadian DIY collective Respire have been crafting cinematic, genre-defying soundscapes since forming in the bitter winter of 2013, when they spent evenings and weekends in a frigid west-end Toronto basement. Blending lush, emotive...
7,50 € *
Slow Ends - Obsolete Bodies MC/Tape Slow Ends - Obsolete Bodies MC/Tape
Pressing Details: 100 Tapes SLOW ENDS (with many members of ARCHIVIST - without Anna and Alex CF) Oh my.. I felt in love with Archivist and now they hit back with this amazing debut LP from SLOW ENDS. They moving one step further, both...
7,50 € *
Snigmord - Demo Tape Snigmord - Demo Tape
Nachfolge-Band der großartigen Assassinators und Knuste Ruter! Musikalisch vielleicht ein wenig 'norwegischer' als vorher, auf jeden Fall griffiger als die vorherigen Bands. Guter, melodischer Anarcho-Skandinavien-Punk mit einer...
3,00 € *
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