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Arctic Flowers - Straight To The Hunter Arctic Flowers - Straight To The Hunter
Portland’s Arctic Flowers have explored unique attempts at cross-pollinating genres that have grown apart over the course of the evolution of dark music, re-incorporating styles usually seen as mutually exclusive in today's fractured...
€13.00 *
Ashkara - In Silence LP Ashkara - In Silence LP
ASHKARA features ex-members of long going switzerland Crustpunk institution CWILL and play down tuned and dark, atmospheric and moody HC/Punk or modern and slowed down Crustcore with a urge to sink you into a dark abyss... The use of a...
€13.00 *
Burnchurch - s/t LP Burnchurch - s/t LP
New Dublin based band with ex/current members of EASPA MEASA(ire), RAT'S BLOOD (ire) and SILENCE (poland) playing incredibly intense & melodic HC/Crust. Great guitar riffs, driving Basslines, D-beatish, forward drumming and Clodagh's...
€11.00 *
Cloud Rat / Crevasse - Split 7" Cloud Rat / Crevasse - Split 7"
Michigan's grind champions CLOUD RAT, share a new split with Dutch/German powerviolence punks CREVASSE. A more frantic side of Cloud Rat with a cover of 'Fish in a Pool' by Danish punks Electric Deads. Crevasse blend hardcore,...
€4.00 *
Crevasse - s/t LP Crevasse - s/t LP
In early 2014 members of Finisterre, Landverraad, Leechfeast and Lawine met up to create a new ferocious project called CREVASSE. After their demo tape and several stunning liveshows this is now their first output on 12" vinyl....
€11.00 *
Crevasse / Vont - Split LP Crevasse / Vont - Split LP
They may seem like an unusual choice of bands to be featured on the same record, but somehow it makes complete sense. Crevasse and V0NT go way back, and so both bands knew sooner or later they would collaborate in some way. Although...
€13.00 *
Drip Of Lies - Failure LP Drip Of Lies - Failure LP
Hailing from Warsaw / Poland, DRIP OF LIES deliver with 'failure' a really outstanding debut LP. Matured songstructures - a driving drumming forms the fundament. Thought-out, catchy melodies merge with powerful and harsh guitar-riffs....
€11.00 *
Finisterra / Gattaca - Split 7" Finisterra / Gattaca - Split 7"
Both bands have been around for some time now and maintain a long-lasting friendship, that is finally pressed on this little piece of vinyl ! FINISTERRE from Cologne / Germany deliver two excellent songs, probably their most matured and...
€4.50 *
Finisterre - s/t LP Finisterre - s/t LP
It's been a while but finally four years after their split 7" with Geraniüm (France) and their 'Hexis' 12", here's a new record by FINISTERRE. Their sound has developed quite a bit and moved from the mid-tempo D-Beat/Crust more towards...
€12.00 *
Gattaca - Monumenty Selhání LP Gattaca - Monumenty Selhání LP
Gattaca from Czech returns once again with 5 emotionally driven, intense and politically charged songs. The new LP Monumenty selhání (Monuments of failure) coming 4 years after the last one is the stuff that makes you wanna go back to...
€13.00 *
Gattaca - s/t LP Gattaca - s/t LP
Hailing from Olomouc/Praha (Czech Republic), GATTACA play emo and black metal informed political hardcore/crust with conviction and fire most bands wish they had. After several split records and an outstanding 7“ EP, it was time for...
€13.00 *
Geranium - Fear Is The Enemy LP Geranium - Fear Is The Enemy LP
GERANIÜM from Strasbourg/Besancon (France) celebrate their 10th year anniversary this autumn and take this opportunity to bring us their second full length album called “fear is the enemy”. Even though there had been some lineup changes,...
€13.00 *
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