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Crevasse - s/t LP Crevasse - s/t LP
In early 2014 members of Finisterre, Landverraad, Leechfeast and Lawine met up to create a new ferocious project called CREVASSE. After their demo tape and several stunning liveshows this is now their first output on 12" vinyl....
€11.00 *
Crevasse / Vont - Split LP Crevasse / Vont - Split LP
They may seem like an unusual choice of bands to be featured on the same record, but somehow it makes complete sense. Crevasse and V0NT go way back, and so both bands knew sooner or later they would collaborate in some way. Although...
€13.00 *
Felsenmirror - s/t LP Felsenmirror - s/t LP
“When we got the word a new group had been assembled out of the ashes of some serious past hitters, we knew the result would be just as thick with fury and power as their previous outfits. Portland, Oregon’s new all-star team in the...
€18.00 *
Finisterre - s/t LP Finisterre - s/t LP
It's been a while but finally four years after their split 7" with Geraniüm (France) and their 'Hexis' 12", here's a new record by FINISTERRE. Their sound has developed quite a bit and moved from the mid-tempo D-Beat/Crust more towards...
€15.00 *
Finisterre / Geranium - Split 7" Finisterre / Geranium - Split 7"
Both bands have been around for some time now and maintain a long-lasting friendship, that is finally pressed on this little piece of vinyl ! FINISTERRE from Cologne / Germany deliver two excellent songs, probably their most matured and...
€5.00 *
Geranium - Fear Is The Enemy LP Geranium - Fear Is The Enemy LP
GERANIÜM from Strasbourg/Besancon (France) celebrate their 10th year anniversary this autumn and take this opportunity to bring us their second full length album called “fear is the enemy”. Even though there had been some lineup changes,...
€15.00 *
Glasses - Compendium 2xLP Glasses - Compendium 2xLP
There was a time when there was no way around GLASSES. I think everyone who’ve been involved in the European hardcore scene around the year 2010 was totally blown away by their furious fast Hardcore Punk and their excessive live shows....
€25.00 *
Litovsk - s/t LP Litovsk - s/t LP
RESTOCKED!!! Hailing from the coastal town Brest in the far north-western corner of France LITOVSK deliver a fulminant and outstanding debut album. Eleven songs of dark and gloomy Postpunk/Wave. You could say, you’ve heard it before and...
€15.00 *
Ragana – Wash Away LP Ragana – Wash Away LP
RESTOCKED!!!! RE-ISSUE!!! Queer antifascist black metal/doom from so-called oakland, ca & olympia, wa. “Wash Away” was originally Released by An Out Recordings in 2015.
€18.00 *
Ragana – You Take Nothing LP Ragana – You Take Nothing LP
RESTOCKED!!! RE-ISSUE!!! Queer antifascist black metal/doom from so-called oakland, ca & olympia, wa. “You take nothing” was originally Released by An Out Recordings in 2017.
€18.00 *
Strafplanet - Freizeitstress LP Strafplanet - Freizeitstress LP
STRAFPLANET from Graz / Austria deliver a punishing outburst of female fronted hardcore drenched with noisy feedback and oozing with rage. Fast paced and in-your-face hardcore punk that’s filled with squealing guitars, vicious shrieks,...
€15.00 *