Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will LP

Dödsrit - Nocturnal Will LP
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Shrouded in Gyllbergen’s mist, and the sentient essence of the nocturnal fire burning within,... mehr

Shrouded in Gyllbergen’s mist, and the sentient essence of the nocturnal fire burning within, the hiking metalpunk hordes Dödsrit hereby unveils its fourth beckoning entitled “Nocturnal Will”. 
With six hymns, Dödsrit purveys triumphant atmosphere, archaic strength, and mournful rejoice where every note reverberates with the weight of devotion and suffering. 
Restless and visceral, these unhallowed tomes beckon the mournful chants from its resonant harmonious introduction to the victorious dagger in the very core of the cosmos under the celestial will of heroic bloodshed. 
Utterly dynamic and organic, “Nocturnal Will” carries the elements of a record to be beheld through the ages. From feral wailing vocals, coupled with an intricate guitar work – blazing with catchy yet somber melodic leads and acoustic lines – to the unrelenting rhythmic, percussive assault, a symbiotic maelstrom of sound is created with captivating and harrowing virtues. 
Written in blood and fire, “Nocturnal Will” carried the nostalgia and grief of olden days into a new Aeon, with a will and command, a genuine fervor that shines beyond the burning ember and the smothering ash. 

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