Light Bearer / Northless - Split LP (4. Versionen)

Light Bearer / Northless - Split LP (4. Versionen)
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Pressing Details: 100x grey, 100x clear, 100x white + 700x black Vinyl! Gatefoldcover, Art by... mehr

Pressing Details: 100x grey, 100x clear, 100x white + 700x black Vinyl! Gatefoldcover, Art by Alex CF

LIGHT BAERER features Alex from FALL OF EFRAFA on vocals and people from the old english hardcore band DUNGEONS! LIGHT BEARER is a concept band from the south east of England. Bringing together long standing friends and new allies in an attempt to create a musical project, mixing their love of ambient post rock, post metal, beats, noise and experimental soundscapes. The concept itself borrows from The His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman, Paradise Lost by John Milton and The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri For Fans of Envy, Sigur Ros, Aphex Twin, Mouth Of The Architect, 65 Days Of Static, Neurosis!
NORTHLESS Since I've been running this label there's been very few times in my life that I've been witness to such a crushing sludge metal band. Northless blew my mind the first time I listend them as a four-piece. With this Split the band's intensity is captured on record, at long last. Since adding two additional members to the lineup (the band started as guitar/drum duo) Northless has expanded on their original style of atmospheric sludgy metal and gone beyond the barrier that holds lesser bands back. This progression enabled Northless to break through into new territory and write truly exceptional songs, more focused, more dense. This Split might be one of the most misanthropic, angst-filled albums I've ever heard, but it never fails to instill a feeling of hope in the listener. A hope that a band can draw upon familiar influences and personal experiences, draw on them and combine them to create something that breaks the mold of slow & heavy music.

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