Afsky - Om Hundrede Är LP

Afsky - Om Hundrede Är LP
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This is the third album from Danish one-man black metal band Afsky. Following on from... mehr

This is the third album from Danish one-man black metal band Afsky. Following on from 2018’s Sorg, 2020’s Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død, and 2022’s I Stilhed, Om Hundrede År contains 43 minutes of new material and is eagerly anticipated by many fans of atmospheric black metal.
Tastefully mixing together elements of the folk, depressive, second wave, and atmospheric black metal styles into an emotive whole, Om Hundrede År is an engaging and affecting work. Blending its various influences into a slice of evocative black metal that somehow doesn’t feel restricted to its parent styles, despite obviously being of the genre, this is an album that is really something quite special. 
Om Hundrede År is a textured release, frequently crafting immersive atmosphere through melancholic acoustic elements, moody blackened worldbuilding, and rich melodic presence. It’s an affecting journey into light and dark, effortlessly treating its black metal as if it was more than just a vessel for negative energies. The artist behind Afsky paints with a full palette and is adept and creating music with potent impact, both initially and over time as the music seeps into your heart.
The songs have strong compositional structure and form. Blackened dynamics and atmospheric depth are understood at a masterful level, and their goals – always emotion-led – are achieved at the highest level.
Afsky’s third album is a roaring success. Om Hundrede År contains a world of blackened soundscapes to explore, all in such a concise and efficient running time. Don’t miss out on this if you’re at all partial to the style. Essential listening.

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