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Amanda Woodward - Discography 3xLP Amanda Woodward - Discography 3xLP
It has been years in the making ! After several represses, reissues, release projects and ideas that never came out, something big is finally about to see the light of day. Early June, Destructure along with Stonehenge are releasing the...
€24.00 *
Drain The Sky / Birsuhanah - Split LP Drain The Sky / Birsuhanah - Split LP
Endlich neue Songs von Drain The Sky aus Oakland bei dem unter anderem auch ein ehemaliges Mitglied von His Hero Is Gone mit am werkeln ist. Musikalisch verbinden sie die Melancholie von Neurosis mit der Kompromisslosigkeit von His Hero...
€10.00 *
Gasmask Terror - Chape De Plomb LP Gasmask Terror - Chape De Plomb LP
Hurray ! Bordeaux D-beat veteran are back with « Chape de Plomb » their third full length. After nearly 12 years of hyperactivity these punks still have so many things to say and so many riffs to blow you away. GASMASK TERRÖR carry on...
€11.00 *
Karysun - Until The End LP Karysun - Until The End LP
Karysun, stoner, crust & metal influenced punk duo from Caen France, recorded a new full length earlier this year. To keep the wall of down tuned guitar sound signature initiated by the previous recordings, Karysun went back to their now...
€10.00 *
Year Of No Light / This Quiet Army - Collaboration LP Year Of No Light / This Quiet Army -...
After the release of Ausserwelt, awesome record and critically acclaimed second album by YEAR OF NO LIGHT, they had the idea of sharing a new record with THISQUIETARMY from Montreal, Canada. This record pushes the idea of sharing a...
€12.00 *