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Eibon - s/t LP Eibon - s/t LP
Eibon is one of the most high-considered Sludge-Doom metal band of this moment. Hailing from France, this four piece (now five) act featuring members of Drowning and French Doom-Metal pioneers Garden of Silence and Astral Rising, plays a...
€12.00 *
Embers - Shadows 2xLP Embers - Shadows 2xLP
It’s hard to define the music style of these guys… Coming from the hardcore punk/crust scene -Kelly and Steve were members of Lesser of Two-, Oakland, CA based Embers play skillfully with elements of Black metal, Doom and Crust with a...
€16.00 *
Sangre De Muerdago - s/t LP Sangre De Muerdago - s/t LP
Iconoclast leaves out for a while the extreme sounds and opens the gates to the whispers of the Galician forests and the raging waves of the ocean crushing against the cliffs. Sangre de Muerdago is the brainchild of Pablo, creative...
€13.00 *
Usurpress - Trenches Of The Netherworld LP Usurpress - Trenches Of The Netherworld LP
After a 12″ on Plague Island Records and the split EPs with Pyramido (Plague Island) and Bombs of Hades (Doomentia), here’s the first full-length for Usurpress, a new kick-ass band from Uppsala (SWE), featuring “old” starring of the...
€11.00 *