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Eibon - s/t LP Eibon - s/t LP
Eibon is one of the most high-considered Sludge-Doom metal band of this moment. Hailing from France, this four piece (now five) act featuring members of Drowning and French Doom-Metal pioneers Garden of Silence and Astral Rising, plays a...
€13.00 *
Embers - Shadows 2xLP Embers - Shadows 2xLP
It’s hard to define the music style of these guys… Coming from the hardcore punk/crust scene -Kelly and Steve were members of Lesser of Two-, Oakland, CA based Embers play skillfully with elements of Black metal, Doom and Crust with a...
€16.00 *
Usurpress - Trenches Of The Netherworld LP Usurpress - Trenches Of The Netherworld LP
After a 12″ on Plague Island Records and the split EPs with Pyramido (Plague Island) and Bombs of Hades (Doomentia), here’s the first full-length for Usurpress, a new kick-ass band from Uppsala (SWE), featuring “old” starring of the...
€11.00 *