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Disfear - A Brutal Sight of War LP Disfear - A Brutal Sight of War LP
Comes in 350 gram inside/out sleeve with 400 gram lyric sheet and 180 gram vinyl! There is no need for any introduction with a band like DISFEAR! With a DIS in the name is very clear what these dudes are about: on "A Brutal Sight Of War"...
€14.00 *
Disfear - Live The Storm LP Disfear - Live The Storm LP
Finally a re-release of this classic album. Adding ENTOMBED guitarist Uffe Cederlund to a group that already features AT THE GATES singer Tomas Lindberg has created a death 'n' roll supergroup - and one of the best heavy records of 2008....
€14.00 *
Disfear - Misanthropic Generation LP Disfear - Misanthropic Generation LP
Original released in 2003 in a small amount DISFEAR's "misanthropic generation" full-length is available again on vinyl! The Scandinavian hardcore assault of DISFEAR utilizes blistering distortion, nihilistic rage and a...
€14.00 *
Kylesa - Static Tension LP Kylesa - Static Tension LP
RESTOCKED!!!! Das 4. Album von Kylesa trägt den Namen Static Tensions und wurde auf La Familia veröffentlicht. Wer Kylesa nicht kennt, sollte wissen, dass deren Einflüsse irgendwo zwischen Baroness, Cult Of Luna, Isis und Mastodon...
€15.00 *
Martyrdöd - List LP Martyrdöd - List LP
The unparalleled Swedish giants of modern metallic d-beat, Martyrdöd, return this November with their sixth full-length of endlessly fascinating, devastatingly different crust, List, once again through La Famila, D-Takt & Rapunk and...
€14.00 *
V​.​A. Axis of Wolves - Nightmare​/​Crude​/​Burial Split LP V​.​A. Axis of Wolves -...
Split LP between CRUDE (Japan), NIGHTMARE (Japan) and BURIAL (Germany)
€13.00 *
Wolfbrigade - Comalive LP Wolfbrigade - Comalive LP
CRUST-HARDCORE. A domestic release of the extremely brutal album from these Swedish hardcore hell-makers. New recordings from these swedish d-beat masters for the 5th longplayer. Raging scandinavian hardcore steamroller. Down-tuned...
€14.00 *