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Lentic Waters - The Path LP Lentic Waters - The Path LP
The new LP by this german band. They play heavy music that combines atmospheric instrumental parts with chaotic, metallic and doomy breakdowns.
€12.00 *
Planks / Lentic Waters - Split LP Planks / Lentic Waters - Split LP
The A side shows Planks taking yet another step away from their Hardcore roots. In the vein of their last output The Darkest Of Grays, they deliver their unique blend of gloomy, melody ridden, downtuned heaviness that incooperate aspects...
€12.00 *
Resurrectionists / The Gentle Art Of Chokin - Split LP Resurrectionists / The Gentle Art Of Chokin -...
RESURRECTIONISTS hail from Warendorf/Germany and play pulverizing grinding HC with touches of melodic chords amidst the chaos. This band is tight, very heavy, and has multiple vocalists. Very fast played drums and guitar, distorted bass...
€11.00 *
Tentacles - Cogita Mori 7" Tentacles - Cogita Mori 7"
Tentacles, previously known as Tentacle's a flower, came to be in 2006 when a group of individuals got together to create something full of intensity, passion, aggression. Surpassing their previous musical endeavors. Starting in the...
€4.00 *
Titan - Burn 2xLP Titan - Burn 2xLP
Toronto, Ontario's aptly named TITAN puts the listener in a stranglehold from the 1st seething instance of feedback and doesn't relent until the very last jack-hammer of the bass drum has finished. TITAN are a blitzkrieg of vicious...
€18.00 *