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Cremations - 1417 LP Cremations - 1417 LP
5 songs debut of this 4 piece new breed out of Hannover, Germany. ​Think of Rise & Fall, Converge, Blacklisted and alines. with Hannes from DOWNFALL OF GAIA, THRÄNENKIND, KING APATHY on drums
€12.00 *
Jungbluth - Lovecult LP Jungbluth - Lovecult LP
new LP by this german band!
€12.00 *
Sarabante - Remnants LP Sarabante - Remnants LP
COVER HAS A LITTLE SEEMSPLIT AND LITTLE CORNER DAMAGES!!! From civil unrest in this country to a long and severe situation in another. Throughout very recent times Greece has had its fair share of extreme discontent which has resulted...
€11.00 *