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Aguirre - Fatalitas LP Aguirre - Fatalitas LP
4 new tracks by french masters of dirty sludge! AGUIRRE take up new songs and just as on their demo they reek of darkness and agony. It's so present it's half painful to listen to it, but that's also what draws me in. It's like staring...
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Aguirre / Guevnna - Split LP Aguirre / Guevnna - Split LP
Neue Split Scheibe mit den allseits bekannten AGUIRRE aus Frankriech, die über die Jahre mit qualitativ hochwertigen Releases sich einen guten Ruf innerhalb der Szene erspielt haben. GUEVNNA sind relativ neu, kommen aus Japan und...
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Bad Luck Rides On Wheels - Serpentine LP Bad Luck Rides On Wheels - Serpentine LP
Fragile and monumental soundscapes between 70ties Krautrock, 80ties Proto Metal and Psychedelic Ambient, Drone and Doom aesthetics! Audio Mastered by James Plotkin at Logo and Cover Artwork by
€11.00 *
Guevnna / Black Temple Below - Split LP Guevnna / Black Temple Below - Split LP
Japan vs. Italy Doom/Sludge crushing inferno! Guevnna play 2 heavy-as-fuck re-recorded from their 2012 demo. Ex-singer/drummer from Coffins Ryo Yamada on vocals. Black Temple Below offer one long, brutal and blackened track. They´re...
€11.00 *
Sangria - Agnosis LP Sangria - Agnosis LP
A colossal Sludge / Doom / Metal trio, killer riffs and oppressive funeral ambient, hails from Santiago - Chile since 2003!
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