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[ B O L T ] ( 0 4 ) CD [ B O L T ] ( 0 4 ) CD
( 0 4 ) is the first full-length by [ B O L T ] as a trio. In comparison to their earlier output the sound is more propulsive and structured. Emerging out of oppressive silence and ending up in ecstatic noise and drone, [ B O L T ]...
€11.00 *
Aesthesys - Achromata CD Aesthesys - Achromata CD
Aesthesys is an instrumental progressive band hailing from Moscow, Russia. Their melody-driven post-rock music featuring violin and lots of different rare instruments has taken them across the Old World with live shows from Paris to...
€11.00 *
Amber / Locktender - Split 7" Amber / Locktender - Split 7"
Pre-Order! Out 20th of March! Germany post hardcore/metal meets Ohio post hardcore / post scream. Epic-ness in a small format. Don´t miss Locktender on their European Tour in Mai 2014
€4.00 *
Arktika - At Zero 2xLP Arktika - At Zero 2xLP
Restock! Insgesamt sind sieben neue Songs drauf. Gesamtlänge: über 60 Minuten. Musikalisch alles beim Alten: Laaaange Songs mit ruhigen, teils epischen Phasen um dann umso lauter und energetischer auszubrechen. Vielleicht zwischen...
€20.00 *
Codeia - As He Turned Back Towards 2xLP+CD Codeia - As He Turned Back Towards 2xLP+CD
There’s music for speakers, and then there’s music for headphones. While one propels you forward with sheer energy, the other embraces you with intimate moments. codeia’s as he turned back towards the eye of the storm manages both the...
€25.00 *
Codeia - To Be Elevated Beyond The Crumbling Skies LP Codeia - To Be Elevated Beyond The Crumbling...
LIMITED TO 100 LPs! to be totally honest: things were not planned this way. but these times affected us as well. back in 2020 Codeia finished writing mercury feathers and recorded it by herself with the intention to keep writing and hit...
€24.00 *
Durga - Sequoia LP Durga - Sequoia LP
One album - one concept: Sequoia is a reflection about the modern idea of time, inquiring into the immediacy of mass consumption, the power of the capitalism in our own time and how that involves our inner disconnectedness. Sequoia trees...
€15.00 *
Ekranoplan - Hypnopædia LP Ekranoplan - Hypnopædia LP
Ekranoplan from Jena, Germany with members of Hungry Lungs & doom giants AHAB unleash their new full-lenght record. Nine songs of grindcore, d-beat and sludge filled with filth, hatred and low-fi energy. expect a bastard of icy sludge,...
€13.00 *
Ekranoplan - s/t LP Ekranoplan - s/t LP
Ekranoplan from Jena, Germany with members of hungry lungs & doom giants AHAB unleash their first record. five songs filled with filth, hatred and low-fi energy. expect a bastard of icy sludge, raging crust and precise grindcore...
€11.00 *
Hexis - s/t LP Hexis - s/t LP
HEXIS recorded this 4-songs back in 2010. They only got released on a 3inch-CD and Tape so far. Now we are happy to release them on vinyl ! HEXIS are from Copenhagen (Denmark) and are playing grinding Black-Metal/Post-Hardcore for fans...
€15.00 *
Kavrila - Rituals III LP Kavrila - Rituals III LP
KAVRILA from Hamburg/Germany are back with a new record. We will start the collaboration with the release of "Rituals III", the last episode of their "Rituals" EP-Trilogy. The record will be released on 12" vinyl and in addition, the...
€17.00 *
Kyrest - Life.Life.Disaccord LP Kyrest - Life.Life.Disaccord LP
Pre-Order! Out 05.02.2016!!! Kyrest sind zurück und veröffentlichen Ende Januar 2016 mit „Life.Life.Disaccord.“ ihre zweite LP. Stilistisch weiterentwickelt, gibt es düster-emotionalen HC. Brachial, wütend und melancholisch. Musikalische...
€11.00 *
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