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Abstracter - Cinereous Incarnate LP Abstracter - Cinereous Incarnate LP
This is an album that isn't just stunningly bleak, it's got the sort of incredible balls and skull melting torment that makes for endless listening. There are few black metal albums that so perfectly sum up the inherent horror of black...
€14.00 *
Abstracter - Wound Empire LP Abstracter - Wound Empire LP
With the threat of apocalypse constantly looming over humanity, Oakland-based Abstracter supplies an apt soundtrack for the end of times, as they’ll prove once again on the quartet’s impending sophomore full-length "Wound Empire"....
€12.00 *
Anagnorsis - Peripeteia 2xLP Anagnorsis - Peripeteia 2xLP
this double lp comes in a gatefoldcover, with uv spot gloss printing and an extra inlay Lord! Anagnorisis certainly doesn't pull any sonic or emotional punches on its majestic, seriously affecting gut-punch sophomore full-length...
€20.00 *
Ancst - In Turmoil LP Ancst - In Turmoil LP
Nachpressung erhältlich am Anfang März!!! "A compilation of Ancst‘s efforts, In Turmoil, is a scathing and tragic experience projected through fierce, melodic black metal spattered with crust; the likes of which are only born from the...
€13.00 *
Ancst - Moloch LP Ancst - Moloch LP
Ancst have returned with a new recording that continues the mixture of black metal and crust from previous recordings and this is a review of their 2016 album "Moloch" A very heavy, raw and aggressive sound starts off the album along...
€13.00 *
Ashbringer - Vacant LP Ashbringer - Vacant LP
Naturalistic black metal that demonstrates an impressive degree of compositional confidence and control of dynamics, concept, and flow, resulting in a rich and immersive album with a lot of depth. A remarkable accomplishment by anyone
€13.00 *
Barrowlands - Tyndir LP Barrowlands - Tyndir LP
Tyndir, a norse word for fallowed ground, speaks of the tension between nature and man and the realization that nature will ultimately reclaim all that man claims sacred. The music, at times melancholy and restrained and, at others,...
€14.00 *
Batillus - Concrete Sustain LP Batillus - Concrete Sustain LP
Batillus carry through some noisy sensibility with frontman Fade Kainer's harsh vocals, manipulated to a point where they could have been confused as something inhuman and otherwordly. The band's industrial sensibility lent an edge to...
€11.00 *
Batillus - Furnace LP Batillus - Furnace LP
Lim. 300! - Big on atmosphere, big on time and big on tone, the first album from Brooklyn doomers Batillus is a bleak, oppressive six-song outing that’s bound to ring their name out among the underground converted. Doom heads, be aware....
€11.00 *
Bellus - Apophenia LP Bellus - Apophenia LP
In 2010, guitarist Matt Mewton (also of Brooklyn-based black metal legion WOE) joined forces with bassist Lesley Wolf (of Brooklyn-based blackened sludge band, MORTALS), and drummer Jacques Johnson. Realizing their doomed black metal...
€14.00 *
Children Of God - The Sun Gives You Way... 10" Children Of God - The Sun Gives You Way... 10"
Children Of God aus Kalifornien mit ex-Mitgliedern von Graf Orlock und Seven Generations spielen einen derbe-brutalen Mix aus Grind, Powerviolence und apokalyptischen Slo-Mo-Soundscapes zwischen Neurosis, His Hero Is Gone und Trap Them....
€10.00 *
Children Of God / Breag Naofa - Split 7" (lim. 300 copies) Children Of God / Breag Naofa - Split 7"...
Breag Naofa speeds up its crushing post metal/doom with a lil dbeat/crust fury that is all catchy melody and heaviness. Cildren Of God pounds away vicously as heard on its recent Lps and splits. ( the song got recorded during the...
€4.00 *
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