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Abstracter - Cinereous Incarnate LP Abstracter - Cinereous Incarnate LP
This is an album that isn't just stunningly bleak, it's got the sort of incredible balls and skull melting torment that makes for endless listening. There are few black metal albums that so perfectly sum up the inherent horror of black...
€14.00 *
Abstracter - Wound Empire LP Abstracter - Wound Empire LP
With the threat of apocalypse constantly looming over humanity, Oakland-based Abstracter supplies an apt soundtrack for the end of times, as they’ll prove once again on the quartet’s impending sophomore full-length "Wound Empire"....
€12.00 *
Addaura - Burning For The Ancient LP Addaura - Burning For The Ancient LP
Originally released by Kreation Records in 2012. Mastered by Mell Dettmer. New artwork and new cutting, better sound. Black vinyl only, limited to 300 copies! "When your whole being is consumed by a task/goal at hand, focus is of...
€14.00 *
Afsky - Sorg LP Afsky - Sorg LP
For those who may be new to Afsky, it is the solo project of Ole Luk, who is also a member of the Danish black metal band Solbrud. Fittingly, the name he chose for this project means “disgust” or “detest” in Danish, though as you’ll...
€14.00 *
Anagnorsis - Peripeteia 2xLP Anagnorsis - Peripeteia 2xLP
this double lp comes in a gatefoldcover, with uv spot gloss printing and an extra inlay Lord! Anagnorisis certainly doesn't pull any sonic or emotional punches on its majestic, seriously affecting gut-punch sophomore full-length...
€20.00 *
Ancst - Furnace LP Ancst - Furnace LP
"After "Moloch", their first album hit the scene last year, ANCST has toured relentlessly. Besides putting out a few more of their dark ambient releases, the Berlin based blackened crust collective has gone quieter at the end of 2016 to...
€13.00 *
Ancst / Ast - Split LP Ancst / Ast - Split LP
Berlin based black metal / hardcore crust crossover hybrid ANCST have returned for their next release. A split LP with fellow post black metal duo AST. Both bands have recorded new material which made them progress further into their own...
€12.00 *
Antlers - A Gaze Into The Abyss LP Antlers - A Gaze Into The Abyss LP
ANTLERS is a new band from Leipzig but the folks behind this outfit are not Germans, they are from Spain and Catalonia. The members, played in such renowned acts like EKKAIA, COP ON FIRE or SANGRE DE MUERDAGO (which are still active)....
€12.00 *
Ashbringer - Vacant LP Ashbringer - Vacant LP
Naturalistic black metal that demonstrates an impressive degree of compositional confidence and control of dynamics, concept, and flow, resulting in a rich and immersive album with a lot of depth. A remarkable accomplishment by anyone
€13.00 *
Ast - Fractale LP Ast - Fractale LP
the first album by berlin based post-black metal outfit AST. all copies come on black viny, with silkscreened covers, limited to 300
€12.00 *
Barrowlands - Tyndir LP Barrowlands - Tyndir LP
Tyndir, a norse word for fallowed ground, speaks of the tension between nature and man and the realization that nature will ultimately reclaim all that man claims sacred. The music, at times melancholy and restrained and, at others,...
€14.00 *
Batillus - Concrete Sustain LP Batillus - Concrete Sustain LP
Batillus carry through some noisy sensibility with frontman Fade Kainer's harsh vocals, manipulated to a point where they could have been confused as something inhuman and otherwordly. The band's industrial sensibility lent an edge to...
€11.00 *
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