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Loth - Apocryphe LP Loth - Apocryphe LP
Taking influences from the Norway traditional school of black metal, adding bits from Austrasian folklore and overwhelming its concept with the right amount of atmosphere, LOTH is now giving birth to its second album called Apocryphe....
€14.00 *
Mourning Cloak - No Visible Light LP Mourning Cloak - No Visible Light LP
Greensboro, NC’s Mourning Cloak, made up of members of Torch Runner, Graf Orlock & Braveyoung (Giant). No Visible Light clocks in at just over 33 minutes of crushing riffs, devastating beats and thunderous vocals. “No Visible Light.” The...
€11.00 *
Negative Standards - Fetters LP Negative Standards - Fetters LP
finally, the 2nd album by california's NEGATIVE STANDARDS. a bulldozer attack, mixing the meanest parts of sludge & blackened crust... adding noise and some black metal riffing, that's the bastard-son called negative standards....
€12.00 *
Negative Standards / Whitehorse - Split LP Negative Standards / Whitehorse - Split LP
two of the heaviest bands around team up for one split record, australia's whitehorse once more deliver ultrabrutal sludge/doom with one of the sickest vocalists around, think a sludgier corrupted ; negative standards from the states are...
€11.00 *
Negative Standarts - VI-XI LP Negative Standarts - VI-XI LP
this record is going to destroy many skulls, because it’s that brutal…; NEGATIVE STANDARDS are not to be fucked with. You can’t put their sound in a box at all, but I will say that listening to them is like getting your head punched in...
€11.00 *
Paramnesia - Ce que dit la bouche d'ombre LP Paramnesia - Ce que dit la bouche d'ombre LP
out 20.01.2016!!! PARAMNESIA delivers atmospheric and progressive black metal rather uncommon for the European scene. Their music is inspired by Cascadian black metal bands such as WEAKLING, LEVIATHAN, FELL VOICES, ASH BORER, and YELLOW...
€12.00 *
Pyramido / Amarok - Split LP Pyramido / Amarok - Split LP
Split LP between California’s Amarok and Pyramido hailing from Malmö, Sweden. The doom sludge bands teaming up here is another suitable pairing for a bleak and pummelling listen, Amarok offering up one 14 minute dirge in the shape of...
€11.00 *
Seher - Nachzehrer LP Seher - Nachzehrer LP
atmospheric, melodic black metal from berlin. all copies come on black vinyl, with a silkscreened cover
€12.00 *
Selvans - Clangores Plenilunio Picture-LP Selvans - Clangores Plenilunio Picture-LP
Limited to 300 copies, Picture-LP. Five tracks originally released on CD via Avantgarde Music in 2015 including an In The Woods cover song. Black Metal with a dramatic symphonic edge, large use of keyboards and ethnic / folk...
€14.00 *
Solbrud - Solbrud LP Solbrud - Solbrud LP
incl. 6 colored poster. Atmospheric Black Metal from Denmark; 4 epic tracks of creeping black metal. Very Scandinavian sounding, hints of old Emperor can be found here.
€14.00 *
Solbrud - Vemod LP Solbrud - Vemod LP
"Vemod is the third album of this Copenhagen crew, and it’s quite a convincing piece of raw black metal. The sound is straight up melancholic and atmospheric black metal with strong hints of the Norwegian 90’s, but with a...
€14.00 *
Sun Worship - Emanations Of Desolation 2xLP Sun Worship - Emanations Of Desolation 2xLP
Like the proverbial Phoenix, Berlin-based metal band SUN WORSHIP rise from their ashes with their third full lenght album. "Emanations of Desolation" is a bold and proud testament of renewal and stoic persistence which oozes...
€20.00 *
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