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Collapse Under The Empire - The Fallen Ones LP Collapse Under The Empire - The Fallen Ones LP
Collapse Under The Empire are back with an impressive new album! Chris Burda and Martin Grimm once again show their talent for diversity and release a record full of passion and haunting melodies. In the last three years the two...
€13.00 *
Heaven In Her Arms - White Halo LP Heaven In Her Arms - White Halo LP
Music is a medium of connection no matter what political and geographical borders want to dictate. What music in general is also celebrated for is the possibility to blend regional with global sounds to create new and unique soundscapes....
€13.00 *
Red Apollo - The Laurels Of Serenity LP Red Apollo - The Laurels Of Serenity LP
RED APOLLO will release their third album 'The Laurels Of Serenit' in April 2018. Again, the band has further developed their sound and combines their post-metal with atmoshpheric progressive metal and post-rock elements. The modern...
€13.00 *
Hexis - XII 10'' + CD Hexis - XII 10'' + CD
Denmarks HEXIS come along with the new release. Five Doom/Blackmetal inspired songs pressed on a lovely 10" with an extraordinary cover: Heavy Gatefold-Cardboard with UV Spot + CD. Vinylcolour is clear.
€13.00 *
Red Apollo - Meta 10" Red Apollo - Meta 10"
With six years of existence under the belt, RED APOLLO undoubtedly belong to the established bands among those who identify themselves with post-metal, sludge, doom and everything in-between. After a successful tour with Savannah's BLACK...
€11.00 *
Heaven In Her Arms - Erosion Of The Black Speckle 2xLP Heaven In Her Arms - Erosion Of The Black...
Finally, a reissue of HEAVEN IN HER ARMS first album 'Erosion Of The Black Speckle'. This album was originally released by Ape Must Not Kill Ape in 2006. MOC will now re-release a slightly different version of this masterpiece. Heaven In...
€19.00 *
Trainwreck - s/t LP Trainwreck - s/t LP
Trainwrecks outstanding self/titled first LP as a limited re-release! This record was originally released in 2006 by Yskalnari Records and started their career.
€12.00 *
Cranial - Dark Towers / Bright Lights LP Cranial - Dark Towers / Bright Lights LP
First album by post-metal heavyweight CRANIAL. After their EP 'Dead Ends' the band finally releases an album. Heavy Postmetal, Sludge and Doom! After arising from the ashes of the post-metal heavyweight Omega Massif in 2014, Cranial are...
€12.00 *
Meraine - Meraine LP Meraine - Meraine LP
With their self-titled debut LP, Meraine are happy to fill the void, Akela has left. Raging velocity, crisp texture and a significant rawness were added to the atmospherical parts that hint to the characteristics in the releases of their...
€11.50 *
Black Table - Obelisk LP Black Table - Obelisk LP
PRE-ORDER!! Out beginning of January 2017 2nd album of new yorks BLACK TABLE. Black Table are a four-piece band from New York that create their own take on experimental metal with a broad range of influences. The two-guitar outfit has...
€11.50 *
Thränenkind - The Elk MC Thränenkind - The Elk MC
“THRÄNENKIND is all about atmosphere, not blazing speed or brutality. They remind me a bit of WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM without the black metal, but have a lot in common with CELESTIIAL, a “woodland doom” band from the Mid-Western U.S.”...
€5.00 *
Hope Drone - s/t LP Hope Drone - s/t LP
Repress of HOPE DRONEs debut album. HOPE DRONE are from Brisbane/Australia and play some kind of modern black metal, which is anywhere between Deafheaven an Ash Borer. Straying away from the saccharine post-whatever trending the genre...
€12.00 *
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